Over 2 billion people have no access to the Gospel, and most of them can’t be reached by those with “missionary” stamped in their visa. The Frontline Experience (FX) is a training and orientation program that serves the Church and advances the Gospel by equipping men and women to serve Christ in hard-to-reach places.



FX 1

These two-month field opportunities are designed to provide a realistic next step for those exploring long-term Gospel ministry in restricted-access countries. Experienced field personnel guide participants to a greater awareness of strengths and weaknesses. Immersion in practical missionary experience replaces romanticism with the realism involved in working in an environment often hostile to the Gospel. FX 1 deepens Gospel-centered humility, nurtures respect for indigenous brothers and sisters, and encourages bold, Spirit-enabled audacity in the Kingdom’s advance.

FX 2

These two-year field opportunities build on the experiences of FX 1. Pursuing areas of professional interest, FX 2 team members sharpen their skills, broaden their experience, expand their language acquisition, and explore future location options with the guidance of FMI mentors. The driving purpose of FX 2 is to enhance each team member's ability to serve God long term in a country closed to traditional missions.

FX Conferences

FX Conferences help answer some key questions: How will they be reached? Why should I go? How do I get there?

Sessions are taught by experienced pioneer missionaries, authors, educators, and advocates with specialties in areas such as culture, linguistics, and cross-cultural engagement.

Visit the FX Conference page for information about upcoming and past events.

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