Radical Rescue Work

The cross is central in the Frontline logo, but more importantly it is at the heart of our message and mission. We believe in the centrality and finality of Christ’s work on the cross—of His radical rescue work for all of us. Knowing its life-giving power, we desire that all people hear this Good News. Many have heard it often, but many more have never heard it even once. So we focus on those with the least opportunity to hear, going to them with urgency, joy, and confidence because we have been sent by our King.

Frontline’s key objective is to advance the Gospel, forming vibrant, Word-centered, disciple-making churches, especially in those regions of the world that have the least Light. We are driven by the same desire that animated the apostle Paul who said it was always his ambition to preach the Gospel where Christ was not known (Romans 15:20). We pursue this goal by equipping Christians on the frontlines to reach their own people for Christ, by forming strategic partnerships with them, and by developing creative platforms in countries closed to traditional missions.

Beyond the Wall

In 1991 the Berlin Wall lay in heaps, new flags were being stitched, and mapmakers scrambled to keep up with the changes as the fissures of freedom cracked the old Iron Curtain. It was more than political freedom at work, however. The Wind of the Spirit stirred across these now unshackled lands, and Christians seized the Gospel opportunities that greater freedom brought. It was during this time that a small mission formed called Eastern European Ministries (EEM), which joined in this Harvest-time by training pastors, equipping church planters, and supplying humanitarian aid and Gospel witness in areas torn by war.

In the early years, our work centered in the former Iron Curtain countries, especially with the partnership and later merger of Russian Gospel Ministries with EEM. However, new walls came down and new Macedonian calls were heard in Siberian Russia, central Asia, India, China, and the Middle East. The mission answered these calls and changed its name in 2002 to Frontline Missions International in order to underscore our wider sphere of ministry.

The Geography of Neglect

10/40 is missions shorthand for the most populous and least-reached region of the world. The 10/40 Window is 10° north latitude to 40° north latitude. It contains two-thirds of the world’s people along with the superlatives of despair—worst poverty, shortest lifespan, greatest persecution, least access to the Gospel. Frontline Missions is serving in many of these countries by providing training, Gospel literature, and support for new church planting efforts. In addition, Frontline funds creative platforms such as education, business, and medical efforts to gain greater access to difficult countries in this region.

Do Not Lose Heart

The opportunities for world-wide evangelism in our day are really unprecedented. There are open doors (and back doors) to peoples, regions, and religions long considered “closed.” Frontline Missions is blessed to bring together partners on the home front who pray, give, and even go, along with our partners on the frontlines who serve in difficult places. Though the gates of hell seem to be impenetrable in some countries, we are sure they will not prevail before our conquering Christ. His grace strengthens us in this work, and so we say with the Apostle Paul, “Therefore, having this ministry by the mercy of God, we do not lose heart.”

What We Believe

We believe that the sixty-six books of the Holy Scriptures are verbally inspired and inerrant; that both the historical and miraculous elements of Scripture truly occurred; that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is truly God and truly man; that He is the eternal Son of God who took on Himself human nature that He might die for the sins of mankind and rise again from the dead; that the shedding of His blood on the cross was the atonement that can save people from their sins; that everyone who believes in Him receives the new birth by the grace of God; that believers will have eternal life in a literal heaven and unbelievers will suffer in a literal hell; and that the Lord Jesus Christ will come again to rule as an eternal King.