Persecution Update September 2014: Yemen

Yemen—the size of the state of Texas—is one of the world’s least evangelized countries. This small country in the Arabian Peninsula is also the poorest country in the Middle East. Though Yemen has been beset by wars, civil conflict, and conquest for most of the last century, the one constant factor has been its radical Muslim legal system. The state religion is constitutionally mandated to be Islam. The population is 99.92% Muslim, and evangelizing Muslims is against the law. As a result, there are only about 4,000 evangelical Christians in Yemen—and virtually no indigenous church there. Most of the believers are first generation Christians, who find themselves under constant surveillance. Those who do convert to Christ—which is legally punishable by death—also face the powerful wrath of their “clans.” It is not uncommon for new believers to be kidnapped and killed. There is a great need for healthy fellowship among the…

FX Is Going Global!

FX is going global! At the upcoming weekender at the Wilds, September 19-21, Frontline Missions International will be announcing details of a new program of overseas field experiences for qualified individuals who are planning to pursue restricted-access missions. Space is limited, so if you are interested, please make your plans to be with us that weekend. For details and registration for the FX weekender, go to

Persecution Update August 2014: Burma

Burma has endured civil strife in one of the world’s longest civil wars—almost 50 years.  The military coup renamed the country Myanmar; but the majority Buddhist country is still widely known as Burma.  The minority Christian population includes about 2.5 million evangelical believers, primarily among the Karen and Chin people groups—some of whom are spiritual descendants of Adoniram Judson’s ministry.  These believers live under constant persecution to convert to Buddhism.  One pastor testified that he was told that by 2020 everyone in the country would be Buddhist.  This past May, the President, with the urging of extremist Buddhist groups, began plans to pass a new “Religious Conversion Law” that would require people to obtain government permission to convert to another religion. It would also forbid inter-faith marriages.  Even though international human rights activists have protested such legislation, the government is moving forward with it.  The Gospel’s advance is making inroads…

“Opportunity” by Tim Keesee

The first time I crossed the Atlantic was as a young sailor aboard the USS Denebola. The return voyage found us dodging two hurricanes. For seven days, we tacked across rolling seas with towering waves that broke over our bow, as we pushed through the tempest. After scurrying along the Outer Banks to avoid yet another storm, we at last reached our safe harbor in Virginia. The captain and crew had skillfully guided the ship over thousands of miles of stormy seas and narrow channels, and at last, the port was before us. In the distance, I could see my family waiting at the dock. I was happy. I was home. It’s a feeling sailors have experienced as long as men have gone to sea. Ancient mariners had a word for it—when wind and tide, rudder and sail, all worked together to bring them home, or “at the port.” The…

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