NEXT 2015 Applications Due Soon!

NEXT is the short-term, cross-cultural missions program of Frontline Missions International. Experienced field personnel will mentor and guide participants to a greater self-awareness of strengths and weaknesses, a deep respect for indigenous brothers and sisters, and encourage bold, Spirit-enabled audacity in the Kingdom’s advance. 2015 OPPORTUNITIES:  NEXT: Africa is a 2-month field experience in North Africa and Ethiopia this summer. NEXT: China is a 2-year field experience, beginning August 2015.   For more information or to apply, visit Applications due by February 1, 2015.   

Persecution Update January 2015: Egypt

Eight years ago—after his conversion to Christ—Mohammed Hegazi made history in Egypt as the first person to apply to change his religious preference from Muslim to Christian on his government-issued ID card. The designation would determine what churches and schools his daughter could attend in that country. Hegazi—who now goes by his Christian name Bishoy Boulous—has faced repeated arrests, trials, torture and imprisonment for becoming an outspoken Christian in that Islamic country. Although citizens of other religions who convert to Islam are routinely issued new Egyptian ID cards with “Muslim” as their religious affiliation, Christian converts are discriminated against and not given the same treatment. Boulous has already been detained in prison for a year for “disturbing public security and peace.” On December 29th, an Egyptian court sentenced Boulous to an additional year in prison. Please pray for God’s special grace for him as well as for his family and…

Persecution Update December 2014: Somalia

Somalia is not only one of the most corrupt countries on the planet, but it is also ranked as one of the worst persecutors of Christians—second only to North Korea. Officially, Somalia is 100% Sunni Muslim and is governed with harsh sharia law. The accurate number of Christians is difficult to determine due to their very low profile, but estimates put the number of underground believers anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand. Last April, al-Shabaab Islamic extremists killed two Somalian members of Parliament who voted to accept financial support from the West, which was called an “invasion of Christians into Somalia.” The month prior, al-Shabaab extremists summoned a young Christian mother, Sadia Ali Omar, into the town square of Barawa. They demanded to know why her attendance at Friday mosque prayers had stopped. Sadia was told to renounce Christ, and when she refused to do so, the…

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Dispatches Christmas Sale!

  Since the first episode was released in 2009, Dispatches from the Front has been all about opening windows to Christ’s Kingdom all over the world by seeing Him at work in real lives and real places, magnifying His greatness, and growing confidence in the Gospel’s power to cross every barrier! These DVDs are resources that make great gifts. So here are the best DVD deals of the year! On the Dispatches Website:  All 7 episodes for $50—one great gift of all the episodes of the DVD series! Day of Battle (newest DVD release) for $10—Extra! Extra! Extra! This episode has Spanish and English subtitles, a short film entitled Prologue which describes the origin of the series, and small group discussion questions—all on one disk! (Other Individual Episodes for $10 each as well.) All with free shipping to any US address! Prices valid through January 15, 2015. On Website:…