For more than twenty-five years Frontline Missions has been working to advance the Gospel in the world’s difficult places. There are three key ways we pursue our mission:
Telling the Big Story, Equipping Gospel Risk-takers, and Sending Long-term Workers.

Telling the Big Story means we are sharing the Story of Christ’s saving work throughout the world. We do this first through evangelism—telling the Good News—but also through media projects such as the Dispatches from the Front film series and Light of Morocco Radio, which is taking the Gospel to hard-to-reach places in North Africa.

Equipping Gospel Risk-takers is done primarily through Frontline’s internship program: Frontline Experience (FX). On-the-field mentoring helps move committed young people from enthusiasm to real field experiences that give direction for future service.

Finally, we are Sending Long-term Workers by developing teams of men and women with spiritual, linguistic, and professional qualifications who are equipped to go—and stay—in the hard places.

Frontline needs partners who can help us further these Gospel efforts. Specifically, we are looking for 20 people to give $150 a month over the next three years in order to further the work in each of the areas of telling-equipping-sending. Your support would help us 1) expand the radio ministry in Morocco to satellite broadcasting, which will widen the reach of this strategic and fruitful ministry, 2) provide program funding to grow the FX internship program, and 3) help us with development for our long-term families by providing opportunities for cross-training to bring workers together from different ministry settings (such as North Africa and South Asia) to improve their effectiveness, identify best practices, and deepen fellowship among families who often serve in hostile and isolated environments.

To learn more about how we Tell, Equip, and Send, take a few moments to watch our film.
If you would like to partner with us, you can make a one-time or recurring gift using the form below.