In addition to intercessory prayer, believers can take further action by appealing to our members of Congress and to the U.S. State Department to put pressure on foreign governments to stop persecuting believers and to honor the most basic of human rights: freedom of religion. Furthermore, we can write directly to officials of foreign governments to make such appeals.  Just as many Christians contact their U.S. Senators and Congressman about pro-life issues, believers should also be motivated to make phone calls and write letters on behalf of  persecuted Christians.

Another step that churches can take to raise awareness of this critical issue is by posting regularly in their bulletins, and on their outdoor signs, “Remember the Persecuted Church.” This not only promotes awareness in the community, it works against our natural tendency to forget persecuted brethren in the midst of our busy lives.

FMI is dedicated to being a voice to defend persecuted believers in other countries, along with our ongoing efforts to take the Gospel into restricted access countries. Many of these persecuted believers are on the frontlines witnessing for Christ in areas that are hostile to the Gospel. They are shining as lights in very dark areas of the world that are dominated by Islam, Hinduism, and totalitarianism.  Will you commit yourself to pray and to be a voice on behalf of those who have no voice?

Suggestions for Writing Letters to Government Officials

Finding Addresses of Government Officials

For the U. S. Secretary of State:
Department of State
2201 C Street, NW
Washington, DC 20520

For U.S. Congressmen and Senators:
• Visit this website.

• Next to “Elected Officials” enter your zip code in the box and click “Go.” You will find information for the President, your two Senators, and your Congressman. Your letter can also be sent to the address of the district office of your Senators and Congressman, which may be found in the blue pages of your telephone directory.

For a foreign country’s embassy in the U.S.: (e.g. Embassy of Sudan)
• Visit this website.

• To obtain the address of a foreign official in his country, call the country’s embassy in the U.S. and request the address from them.