What’s NEXT?

NEXT is the comprehensive missions training arm of Frontline Missions International. NEXT assists serious Gospel risk-takers as they explore long-term, cross-cultural Gospel ministry through field experiences, mentoring, training, language acquisition, and professional development. 

NEXT: Explore

These short-term field opportunities are designed to provide a realistic “next step” for those exploring long-term Gospel ministry in restricted-access countries. Experienced field personnel will mentor and guide participants to a greater awareness of strengths and weaknesses. Immersion in practical missionary experiences will replace romanticism with the realism involved in working in an environment often hostile to the Gospel. NEXT: Explore will nurture Gospel-centered humility, a deep respect for indigenous brothers and sisters, and encourage bold, Spirit-enabled audacity in the Kingdom’s advance. NEXT: Explore sharpens the participants awareness of the skills needed to serve long-term in a country closed to traditional missions.

NEXT: Connect

NEXT: Connect provides direction, mentoring, and accountability during this period of professional and vocational development. Participants are encouraged to live on mission in their communities and through their local churches and receive encouragement through periodic retreats and video conferences led by FMI staff.

NEXT: Advance

These field opportunities, which range from 1-3 years, are like grad school for cross-cultural Gospel workers. Participants pursue their professions to sharpen their skills, broaden their experience, and develop their leadership under veteran mentors on the field. During NEXT: Advance, participants will have the opportunity to research long-term location, support strategy, and language acquisition with the guidance of FMI staff.

Who Can Participate?

  • Mature Christians who are interested in working in restricted-access countries
  • Active in a local church
  • Agree with FMI’s Statement of Faith
  • At least two years of higher education (some NEXT programs may require a 4-year degree and/or other requirements.)
  • 20-35 years old
  • Good health
  • Previous attendance at Frontline Experience (FX) conference preferred

To request information or to apply, contact us using the form below.

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