Southeast Asia

Persecution Update, May 2017: Malaysia

Malaysia has prided itself in being a moderate Muslim nation. However, in recent years efforts towards the full Islamization of Malaysia have been underway, and official law mandates punishment for apostasy if a Muslim converts to another religion. In February 2017, Malaysian Pastor Raymond Koh, age 62, was kidnapped on a public road by masked men near Kuala Lumpur. The kidnapping was captured on video, but no one has seen or heard from Pastor Koh since. Pastor Koh faithfully ministered for years to the poor and to drug addicts and provided free education to children. In 2011 government officials questioned Pastor Koh after he was accused of trying to convert Muslims to Christianity. The case was dismissed for lack of evidence, but many Christians think that the authorities are now not doing enough to find Pastor Koh because he is a Christian. Christians comprise less than 10% of the population of Malaysia. Please pray for Pastor Koh and his family during this difficult and uncertain time.