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Persecution Update - Kim Hak Song

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We praise the Lord we can share the good news that Professor Kim Hak Song, a Christian Korean-American, was one of the three prisoners released from North Korea yesterday! We rejoice that he appears to be in good health and are grateful for your intercessions on his behalf. Please continue to pray for the thousands of North Korean Christians who are still in slave labor camps. Read our previous update here. 

Persecution Update, August 2015: North Korea

Of the countries that are the most hostile to the Gospel, North Korea continues to be the worst of the worst. Though officially designated an atheist nation, this communist regime in reality has a state religion called Juche, the adoration and worship of the Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-Un, the grandson of the nation’s founder.

Kim Jung-wook

Kim Jung-wook

Because Christians are considered to be disloyal to the regime, persecution permeates every level of society. Estimates range as high as 70,000 believers who have been sentenced for life in extremely brutal slave labor camps. Among them is Baptist missionary Kim Jung-wook, who had a ministry teaching the Bible to North Korean refugees living in a Chinese border city. Last year he was lured into North Korea under false pretenses, and he was immediately arrested and charged with crimes against the state. Jung-wook was forced to make a public apology for “spying,” and then he was given a life sentence in the labor camps.  Please pray for Kim Jung-wook and other suffering believers who endure abuse and torture for their faith in Christ.