Persecution Update, May 2016: Mexico

Surprisingly, Mexico ranks among the top 40 nations that persecute Christians. For nearly ten years now, evangelical Christians—primarily in rural areas—have been facing increasing discrimination and violence from both local government officials and Catholic Church leaders. In six states in Mexico, Protestant believers have suffered by having their water supply cut off, their food confiscated, and even eviction from their villages for refusing to re-convert to Catholicism and for not giving donations to local Catholic village festivals. Last November, 150 Protestant Christians in the southern state of Chiapas were threatened by officials with being evicted from their village. Then in December, seven believers (also in Chiapas) were jailed for refusing to re-convert to Catholicism. In January, ten Baptist families in the state of Jalisco were expelled from their village for their faith in Jesus Christ. Though the Mexican constitution guarantees freedom of religion for all Mexican citizens, the national government in Mexico City has refused to protect the rights of minority Protestant Christians. Please pray for faithful believers in Mexico who stand for Christ under such adverse conditions.