"COMPLETE YOUR SET" SALE on Dispatches from the Front DVDs

Now is your opportunity to complete your set!  If you are missing any of the episodes - or just want to purchase some of your favorites to give as gifts - we are having a  special sale just for you.

Through September 15, any episode of the Dispatches from the Front DVD series is only $10 -- with free USPS Media Mail shipping!  Shop online at our website, on Amazon, or at Christian Book Distributors

Beware of watching these Dispatches if you don't like being moved and inspired and shaken out of the ruts of your life.  My wife and I were riveted in watching the frontline reports of God's work recorded in the Dispatches from the Front series.  This is the sort of information that builds faith in the present providence of God over His mission and stirs up action for the sake of lost and hurting people near and far.  I would love to see thousands of people mobilized as senders and goers for the sake of the glory of Christ and the relief of suffering on the frontiers, especially eternal suffering.   - Dr. John Piper



Now Available: New Boxed Set of "Dispatches From the Front"

The first five episodes of the “Dispatches from the Front” series are now available in a boxed set and at a new low price of $55! Order here! The boxed sets are also available on Amazon for only $50! These boxed sets would make great gifts! It’s not too early to start planning for Christmas!

Boxed Set Includes the following DVDs (normally $15 per DVD):

  • Episode 1: Islands on the Edge (Southeast Asia)
  • Episode 2: A Bold Advance (Albania, Kosovo, and Montenegro)
  • Episode 3: I Once Was Blind (West Africa)
  • Episode 4: Souls of the Brave (India)
  • Episode 5: Father, Give Me Bread (Ethiopia and South Sudan)