Persecution Update, December 2016: Cuba

Cuba, one of five Communist nations left in the world, has persecuted Christians for more than fifty years under the dictatorship of the late Fidel Castro. Thousands of Christians were imprisoned and martyred during Castro’s reign of terror, when simply being a Christian was considered a “disease.” Reports during that time tell of Christians shouting out “Viva Cristo Rey! (Long live Christ the King!)” before being silenced by government firing squads. Though persecution in Cuba today is not as brutal as in years past, government threats, intimidation, and surveillance are still the norm for Protestant churches and believers. Church services are infiltrated by government informers to monitor sermons, and Christian literature and Bibles are still restricted. In October of this year, Pastor Juan Carlos Nunez was sentenced to one year of house arrest after his church was charged with “disturbing the peace.” Yet, Cubans are being converted to Christ as the Cross continues to triumph over Marxism. The estimate of house churches today is as high as 10,000. Please pray for brothers and sisters in Cuba who joyfully stand for Christ under persecution.