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The Great (American) Commission, Part 1 of 3

"The Great (American) Commission" is a three-part series on the role of American missionaries in the 21st century, written by Tim Keesee and published this week by Crossway. Special thanks to Dana Thompson for his illustrations.

"There is a spot near the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, a little marble circle that marks where the ancient Chinese believed was the very center of the universe.

"Today this cosmic bull’s-eye is just a place for grinning tourists to stand and have their pictures taken. Many other ancient peoples had similar beliefs about their realm being at the center of things. Why else, for example, would one say, 'All roads lead to Rome'?

"When it comes to The Great Commission, I’m afraid that for too long, many of us here in America believe (or at least behave) as if we are at the center of the missions universe. Whether spoken or unspoken, the attitude is that our heritage, resources, seminaries, organizations, and obedience are critical to the breadth and depth of gospel work throughout the world. ..."

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The Great (American) Commission