Persecution Update, September 2015: Afghanistan

The government of Afghanistan has written radical Islamic sharia into its constitution and is now considered the fifth worst nation for persecuting Christians. Home to some 48,000 mosques, one cannot find a single Christian church building in Afghanistan, and Afghan believers number less than 5,000. Afghans who convert to Christ are considered to be traitors to their country and face a death sentence for apostasy. Persecution also comes from Muslim family members, who do not hesitate to perform “honor killings” on relatives who forsake Islam. One Muslim man offered a Western news reporter $20,000 to tell him the location of his brother-in-law, who was in hiding after becoming a Christian. Last November the Taliban murdered a South African believer and his two teenage children, who had been serving as humanitarian workers for the last twelve years. Please pray for the Gospel’s advance within the spiritual darkness of Afghanistan and for special grace for believers who follow Christ at great cost to their lives.