Persecution Update, July 2019 - BURKINA FASO

In Burkina Faso, a small West African nation, churches have been burned, Christians schools have been closed, all open-air evangelistic outreach has been banned, and radical Muslims have killed multiple Christians. Pastor Elie Zore, age 48, was murdered this past April, leaving behind a wife and six children. Five days later, terrorists demanded that 80-year-old Pastor Pierre Oedraogo and five other Christians convert to Islam. When they refused to deny Jesus, they were killed. Many other Christians have been displaced by terrorist attacks and are now fleeing the country. Please pray for God’s special grace for these persecuted sisters and brothers who stand for Christ.    

Pastor Elie Zoré Burkina Faso July 2019 - Copy.jpg

Photo: Pastor Elie Zore Photo Credit: World Watch Monitor