Persecution Update, May 2015: Pakistan

Only about 2% of the population of Pakistan are Christians. Believers are under enormous societal pressure and often suffer violent persecution in this Islamic republic. Pakistan’s draconian “blasphemy laws”—which mandate the death penalty by hanging for anyone who defames Islam—have provoked international calls for their removal. Such laws are used against minority Christians to intimidate them, crush their businesses, and even settle debts that Muslims don’t want to pay. In 2010 Asia Bibi (also called Asiya Noreen), a 50-year old mother of five children, was the first woman to be convicted under Pakistan’s blasphemy laws. Asia was falsely accused of slandering the Muslim prophet when she simply testified of her faith in Christ as the only Savior. For the last five years she has languished in prison and suffered many physical problems, while her husband and their children have lived in terror, staying just ahead of the death threats. Please pray for God’s comfort and grace for Asia Bibi and her family, as they endure such hostilities for the sake of Christ in the midst of a radical Islam government and society.