Persecution Update January 2015: Egypt

M Hegazy 111507Eight years ago—after his conversion to Christ—Mohammed Hegazi made history in Egypt as the first person to apply to change his religious preference from Muslim to Christian on his government-issued ID card. The designation would determine what churches and schools his daughter could attend in that country. Hegazi—who now goes by his Christian name Bishoy Boulous—has faced repeated arrests, trials, torture and imprisonment for becoming an outspoken Christian in that Islamic country. Although citizens of other religions who convert to Islam are routinely issued new Egyptian ID cards with “Muslim” as their religious affiliation, Christian converts are discriminated against and not given the same treatment. Boulous has already been detained in prison for a year for “disturbing public security and peace.” On December 29th, an Egyptian court sentenced Boulous to an additional year in prison. Please pray for God’s special grace for him as well as for his family and for other believers who stand for Christ in Egypt—a Muslim country that is becoming increasingly hostile to the Cross.