Persecution Update November 2014: Syria

syriaThe persecution of Christians has a long history in Syria. In the first century, Saul of Tarsus set out to crush the small Christian community in Damascus, but he was arrested by Heaven and converted to Christ. More recently, Syria was ranked #11 on the list of countries where Christians are persecuted for their faith. However, as a result of a three-year civil war in which Christians have been caught in the cross-hairs, Syria has now jumped to #3 on that list. The situation there is tantamount to ethnic cleansing, as hundreds of thousands of Christians have fled the country due to the violence perpetrated against them in the complex political environment of warring Islamic factions.  The caliphate of ISIS calls Christians “crusaders,” and considers them to be enemy #1. Believers caught by ISIS are given three options: convert to Islam, abandon their homes, or face execution. Please pray for special grace for our brothers and sisters in Syria who are following Jesus in the fellowship of His sufferings.