Persecution Update August 2014: Burma

burmaBurma has endured civil strife in one of the world's longest civil wars—almost 50 years.  The military coup renamed the country Myanmar; but the majority Buddhist country is still widely known as Burma.  The minority Christian population includes about 2.5 million evangelical believers, primarily among the Karen and Chin people groups—some of whom are spiritual descendants of Adoniram Judson's ministry.  These believers live under constant persecution to convert to Buddhism.  One pastor testified that he was told that by 2020 everyone in the country would be Buddhist.  This past May, the President, with the urging of extremist Buddhist groups, began plans to pass a new "Religious Conversion Law" that would require people to obtain government permission to convert to another religion. It would also forbid inter-faith marriages.  Even though international human rights activists have protested such legislation, the government is moving forward with it.  The Gospel's advance is making inroads among the Buddhist population with even monks coming to Christ!  Pray for believers to remain Gospel-focused in the face of growing opposition and persecution.