Persecution Update June 2014: Sudan

meriamSudan has waged war on its Christian citizens for years. The newest case occurred on May 15th when Sudan’s Islamic government handed down a death sentence to a 27-year-old Christian mother, Meriam Ibrahim. Meriam was raised by her Christian mother and is married to an American citizen; yet, the Islamic judge considered Meriam to be a Muslim, due to her Muslim father who abandoned their family early on. Based on sharia law, Meriam has been found guilty of apostasy from Islam and sentenced to death. When she was given a chance to recant her faith in Christ, Meriam refused to do so. Because she was eight months pregnant, the court declared that she could give birth to her second child and wean her before facing execution by hanging. Recently Meriam gave birth to a baby girl in prison, where they (along with her young son) continue to live in horrific conditions. Recent reports coming out of Sudan have sent mixed messages about whether the sentence will be rescinded;  so please pray for special grace for Meriam, for her husband, and for God’s will to be accomplished in the efforts to secure her release. TAKE ACTION:

In addition to praying for Meriam Ibrahim, please contact your two U.S. Senators and your U.S. Congressman on her behalf, and also urge your friends to do so.  You can contact them by phone at the U.S. Capitol Switchboard (202-224-3121), asking them to co-sponsor the resolutions urging Meriam’s full release from all punishment in Sudan.  The Senate resolution, sponsored by Senator Rubio, is S. Res. 453, and the House resolution, sponsored by Representative Trent Franks, is H. Res. 601.   For those who choose to contact them by e-mail, please find your Congressman’s website and find your Senators' website.

UPDATE ON 7/24/2014:

PRAISE: Meriam Ibrahim, her husband Daniel, and two children have just been released from Sudan. The Italians were instrumental in securing her freedom, and they have flown her and her family to Italy from where they will eventually be brought to the U.S. Thank you for your intercessions, and we praise God for His mercy in her release!