Persecution Update May 2014: India

indiaThe results of the national elections for prime minister of India, which conclude on May 12th, may well increase the persecution toward the minority Christians in that country. The most popular candidate is Governor Modi of the Gujarat state, a BJP leader who is known for his strongly nationalistic Hindu views. Modi has been previously banned from entering the U.S. because of his connections to a massacre of 2,000 minority Muslims in 2002 in Gujarat. His state of Gujarat has long imposed discriminatory anti-conversion laws, which are used against Christians who share their faith with Hindus. The prevailing view is that if Modi is elected as the next prime minister of India, then the ongoing persecution of Christians will be heightened. Believers are commanded to pray for government leaders in order to enjoy a peaceful life (1Tim. 2:1). Please pray for God to give Indian believers a leader who will honor the Constitution of India, which provides for freedom of religion.