Persecution Update April 2014: Nigeria

nigeriaNigeria, Africa’s largest country by population, was the most dangerous country in the world for Christians in 2012, even though approximately 40% of the population consider themselves Christians. Nearly 800 believers were killed for their faith in Nigeria in that year alone, which was more than the number of Christians killed in the entire rest of the world during the same period!  Thus far in 2014, the slaughter of Christians has continued unabated, the majority of them massacred while worshipping in church services.  In February alone, some 400 believers were slaughtered, including 43 high school boys who were burned to death at night in their dormitory.  Though some of the attacks have originated from the Muslim Fulani tribe, the majority of the terrorism has been carried out by the radical Islamic group, Boko Haram, whose stated purpose is to rid the country of Western influence. They want to drive out all Christians and then establish extreme Muslim law, sharia, as the law of the land. Because Nigeria’s government is so weak and corrupt, Christians are left unprotected and very vulnerable.  Please pray for special grace and Gospel courage for our persecuted brothers and sisters as they follow the way of the Cross.