Persecution Update February 2014: Indonesia

indonesiaIndonesia ranks as the fourth largest country in the world and also as the largest Muslim-majority country. Because its constitution guarantees freedom of religion for all, Indonesia has attempted to be a model of moderate Islamic practice. However, government officials have increasingly bowed to pressure from militant Islamic groups to close Protestant churches. Two years ago, some 50 churches in remote provinces were forcibly closed by militant Islamists. In March of 2013, local officials in the suburbs of Jakarta bulldozed the large Batak Protestant Christian Church for allegedly not having a permit, as radical Muslims cheered. This past December, two more churches were attacked and closed, leaving hundreds of Christians with no building in which to worship. Please pray for Indonesian officials to enforce their laws and protect the minority Christians in their country. Also, pray that Christians who suffer the loss of their church buildings will reflect Christ to their Muslim persecutors who hate the Cross.