Persecution Update January 2014: Liberia

Dennis AggreyLiberia is considered a majority-Christian nation; however, a secret society called Poro, which is based on animism and witchcraft, wields significant influence in the nation’s culture.  Poro has been a force in Liberia by generating fear through placing curses, poisonings, assaults, and destruction of property, especially toward Christians. Police generally have been unwilling to protect believers against this lawlessness. Last October, Pastor Dennis Aggrey (a church planting leader in Liberia) and a fellow pastor were kidnapped and chained to a tree for three days in Malawu, the center of Poro power in this West African country.  The church in Malawu was closed, and believers have been forbidden to have a Bible or speak of Jesus.  In the November trial for Pastor Dennis, government officials defended Poro as being their legitimate, historical religion. A final ruling is due in January.  Since then, two more pastors were kidnapped the day after Christmas, and other churches have been closed.  Please intercede for Pastor Dennis and the other believers who are courageously standing for Christ in the face of satanic power in Liberia.