Persecution Update December 2013: India

indiaIndia—the world’s largest democracy—is ranked among the top 50 countries in which Christians suffer persecution for following Christ.  In 2008, approximately 50,000 Christians were burned out of their homes by radical Hindus in the state of Odisha (previously called Orissa), while the police did little to halt the attacks.  In 2013, the persecution of Christians has been ongoing across the country.  In the central Indian state of Chhattisgarh, the Christian population is less than one percent.  Believers there have faced repeated attacks from the Bajrang Dal, the youth wing of the radical Hindu party. After demolishing a church in this small farming village last April, the Bajrang Dal brutally attacked an elderly Christian woman, Mitko Kashyap, with the demand that she renounce Christ. As a result of the attack, Mitko was hospitalized, while her attackers went free.  Please pray for God’s special grace for Mitko Kashyap, as well as other believers, who stand for Christ in India, a country that is becoming increasingly hostile to the Cross.