Persecution Update September 2013: Pakistan

pakistan-picIt has been four years since Asia (ah-see-ah) Bibi, age 48 and mother of five, became the first woman to receive a death sentence under Pakistan’s draconian “blasphemy” laws. In June of 2009, Mrs. Bibi was picking fruit on a farm when she drank water from a cup used by Muslim women. Because she is a Christian, Asia’s coworkers considered her unclean. So they attacked her physically and pressured her to renounce Christ and convert to Islam. When she asserted that Christ is the only Savior, her coworkers reported Asia for “blaspheming the Prophet Mohammed.” She was found guilty in court and was sentenced to death by hanging. Mrs. Bibi’s appeal was denied in 2011, and she has languished in prison on death row for four years now. In prison, Asia has experienced numerous physical problems. Furthermore, two prominent Pakistani government officials, who spoke out on behalf of Mrs. Bibi, have been assassinated. Please pray for God’s comfort and grace for Mrs. Bibi and her family, as they endure such hostilities for the sake of Christ in the midst of radical Islam.