Persecution Update August 2013: Laos

laosLaos is a small, land-locked country in Southeast Asia, where Communism remains strong and the government routinely targets Christians. Last winter Mr. and Mrs. Sakien, an elderly couple, were evicted from their village in the southern part of Laos after they became Christians. Also, three Christian ministers—Pastors Bounma, Somkaew, and Bounmee—were arrested last winter for making personal copies of a DVD about Bible prophecy.  The pastors were charged for the crime of spreading the Christian religion. They were held in jail for two months and tortured by the police in an attempt to extract confessions.  Although the Laotian government acknowledges religious freedom on paper, it continues to oppress minority Christians with forced relocations, closure of churches, detentions on false charges, and destruction of livestock.  Christians are paying a high price for the Gospel’s sake under this Communist government, and intercession is needed for these brothers and sisters.   Pray that Laotian believers will continue to glorify God in their sufferings.