Persecution Update July 2013: Saudi Arabia

saudi-arabiaBecause the two holiest Muslim sites, Mecca and Medina, are located in Saudi Arabia, the Saudi government considers itself to be the guardian of Islam--and they are one of the worst persecutors of Christians. Their laws are based on an extreme form of Islam known as Wahabbism, and religious freedom is virtually non-existent.  Several months ago the mutawaah, or religious police, raided a private prayer meeting of Ethiopian Christian guest workers. The women were abused, and the men were put in prison, where they suffer ongoing torture. On May 12, 2013, a Lebanese Christian working in Saudi Arabia was sentenced to 300 lashes and six years in prison for encouraging a Saudi woman to convert to Christianity. Yet the Gospel is still making inroads even in this stronghold of Islam. Pray for grace for these brothers in prison who are suffering for the Gospel’s sake and that their testimony for Christ would impact others in prison. Also pray for Saudi Christians who live and witness in a very difficult place.