Persecution Update May 2013: North Korea

north koreaFor eleven straight years, North Korea has maintained its reprehensible reputation of being the nation most hostile to the Gospel.  This Communist nation resists any form of religion except the state religion of Juche, which glorifies human self-sufficiency and results in the cult worship of Leader Kim Jong-Il (who died two years ago) and his son, the new Leader Kim Jong-Un. In recent days, two North Korean Christians were killed for the sake of the Gospel.  One was shot at the border as he courageously returned to his country after receiving Bible training in China.  The other believer died from torture in one of the despicable prison camps reserved for enemies of the state.  An estimated 70,000 Christians of all ages have been interned in these harsh prison camps, where Communist doctors conduct poisonous experiments on them with chemical and biological weapons.

In addition, this week Kenneth Bae, an American citizen detained in North Korea in November, was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor for “hostile acts.” Bae is a Christian and was in North Korea to feed starving orphans when he was arrested.

Please intercede on behalf of these dear suffering believers, who endure abuse and torture for their faith in Christ and who take great risks for the Gospel’s sake, knowing the Word of God is not bound.