Persecution Update December 2012: Pakistan

Pakistan continues to rank in the top ten most dangerous countries for Christians. The country’s strict laws that criminalize blasphemy against the Koran or Mohammed are commonly used by Muslims to make false accusations against Christians simply to settle a business or personal conflict. One of these abuses of the anti-blasphemy laws occurred this past August when a 14-year-old Christian girl with a mental disability, Rimsha Masih, was falsely accused of burning pages of the Koran. She spent three weeks in prison, and was finally released when evidence was submitted that a Muslim imam planted the burned pages on her. The charges were officially dropped on November 20th.  However, Rimsha and her family are in hiding and cannot return to their home. Also, Asia Bibi, a Christian mother of five, remains under a death sentence since 2010 for allegedly insulting the Prophet Mohammed. Pray for God’s comfort and grace for these Pakistani believers and their families, as they endure such hostilities for the sake of Christ.