Persecution Update November 2012: Morocco

In the devoutly Muslim country of Morocco, it is estimated there are only 2,000 Christians out of population of 33 million. A local believer, Jamaa Bakrim, 48, was sentenced to prison in 2005 on unfounded charges of destruction of property and proselytizing. Because Jamaa was open about his faith as a Christian businessman, the Islamic government handed down a very harsh penalty of 15 years imprisonment. That was the longest sentence ever to be given to a Moroccan Christian, and Jamaa has now served almost half of the time. Even prior to this sentence, he was rejected by his family and had to spend time in a mental institution for “re-education.” International efforts have continued to petition the Moroccan government for Jamaa’s release. Pray for God’s will to be done on his behalf, and also for God’s special grace for him to shine as a light for Christ in prison.