Persecution Update September 2012: Burma

Although Burma (Myanmar) has instituted some political reforms in the last few months, attacks against the minority Christian population among the Karen and Kachin people groups have continued unabated. The majority of these believers are spiritual descendants of Adoniram Judson’s ministry 200 years ago. Officially, Buddhism is the state religion, and the military’s attacks on civilian Christians include church burnings, abusing women, and believers being shot. Government restrictions include pressures to hinder Christian proselytizing. Several months ago, Maran Zau Ja, a 47-year-old believer who worked as a farmer, was murdered by the military because he was a Christian. Additionally, thousands of Burmese Christians--who have fled as refugees to India and Thailand--do not feel that it is safe to return home yet. In spite of this hostility to the Cross, Burmese people are still coming to Christ. Please pray for God’s comfort for Maran’s family, and also pray for God’s grace for these persecuted believers to remain strong for Christ.