Persecution Update August 2012: Vietnam

Vietnam is ranked as one of the worst 20 countries for Christian persecution. Attacks against Christians and their churches continue unhindered under the Vietnamese communist government. When believers are attacked, it is common for doctors and hospitals to refuse to treat them out of fear of reprisals and for the police to refuse to prosecute the perpetrators. A pastor’s wife, Nguyen Thi Lan, was badly beaten recently, suffering severe injuries and had great difficulty finding medical treatment. In June, two Protestant churches among the Hmong people group—with congregations of 500-600 believers—had their buildings demolished by government officials. The number of Hmong Christians in the mountainous northwest region of the country has grown from zero to 400,000 in only 20 years, in spite of the years of persecution. Local believers are convinced that a campaign is underway to eradicate Christianity from the rural areas of Vietnam and are targeted because of their faith. Pray for these faithful followers of Christ as they endure persecution and suffering.