"Come, My Soul, with Every Care"

Recently Fred Coleman, a friend and gifted composer, compiled a hymnal with a number of new tunes in it (Hymns Modern and Ancient). Of course, everyone knows John Newton’s “Amazing Grace,” but I had never heard of “Come, My Soul, with Every Care.” Fred took this wonderful John Newton text and wrote a beautiful tune for the words—and surprised me by naming the tune “Keesee” after me. That was very kind, but what most struck me were the words of this obscure hymn, especially these lines: You are coming to a king—

large petitions with you bring,

For His grace and pow’r are such,

None can ever ask too much.

Frontline Missions needs an army of praying men and women to connect with Christians serving—and sometimes suffering—in difficult places. That army should come before the King with “large petitions,” not just praying for deliverance or safety, but especially praying for the rapid and unbounded advance of the Gospel.

You can listen to the hymn and download the sheet music for personal use, or order Fred Coleman’s new hymnal, Hymns Modern and Ancient.