Persecution Update March 2012: China

Alimujiang Yimiti is a member of a large Muslim people group in western China known as the Uyghurs (wee-gurs). The Chinese government has had ongoing ethnic conflicts and violence with the Uyghurs, and strict laws forbid Uyghur Christians from owning a Bible or sharing their faith with other Uyghurs. In 1995, Alim was converted to Christ out of Islam, and he became active in sharing Christ as a businessman. After becoming a house church pastor, Alim was initially accused of “spreading Christianity among the Uyghurs.” He was arrested in 2008 on the false charges of sharing state secrets with foreigners, and his trial was held in secret, contrary to Chinese law. Pastor Alim was given a 15-year prison sentence, the harshest sentence given to a Christian in China in the last decade. Alim has been severely beaten in prison, and his health has suffered.  His wife, Gulinuer, has pleaded for international support to free her husband who has now been imprisoned four years. Please pray for Pastor Alim as well as for his family.

(Photo used with permission from Compass Direct)