Persecution Update February 2012: Uzbekistan

Last November, a pastor in Uzbekistan was leading a service at a hotel when the meeting was disrupted by the police. Pastor Sergei Kozin was severely fined for holding a religious service and possessing religious literature away from his church building. The charges brought by the government officials included numerous police errors, including the use of a false witness. In another case, the police raided the private home of an Uzbek believer, L. Mamazhanov, and confiscated 100 Christian books and religious DVDs. Now this family is also facing a huge fine that they cannot afford. The Uzbek government continues to deal harshly with Christians and other religious groups. Uzbekistan has been designated by the U.S. State Department as one of the worst countries for abusing religious freedom. Please pray that Pastor Kozin and Mr. Mamazhanov would be strengthened by God’s presence as they stand for Christ under oppressive persecution.