Persecution Update, October 2016: Burma

Burma (also called Myanmar) has historically been a majority Buddhist nation with nearly 90% of its population claiming to be Buddhist. The military government is clearly pro-Buddhist and actively seeks to restrict Christians, who number only about 6% of the population. Government laws restrict Christian proselytizing. Not only do local governments refuse to grant permission to build churches, but last year in the states of Shan, Chin, and Kachin, church buildings and crosses were destroyed by the Burmese Army. In the last 10 years, more than 3,000 Christian villages have been destroyed by government troops; and at least 100,000 Christians of the Kachin people group are living in refugee camps as a result of being displaced by government forces. In 2014 two Kachin Christian school teachers were murdered—and the murderers went free. In spite of all this hostility to the Cross, the Gospel that was first brought here by Adoniram and Ann Judson is still at work as Jesus continues to build His Church in Burma! Please pray for God’s grace for these persecuted brothers and sisters.