Persecution Update, January 2018 - NORTH KOREA

North Korea will not tolerate any worship that rivals that of the “Great Leader,” Kim Jong-un. As an example of the pervasive religious oppression, school children are rewarded for going on a “treasure hunt” at home to look for Bibles and reporting their finds to their teachers. If found guilty, the parents are sent to a concentration camp. An estimated 70,000 Korean Christians endure brutal torture in slave labor camps.

N Korea Prisoner 2016 Kim Hak Song-HG January 2018.png

A Christian Korean-American, Kim Hak Song, is a visiting university instructor who was arrested on May 6, 2017, on the false charges of “hostile acts against the government.” Professor Kim had previously written, “I’ve committed to devoting my last drop of blood to this work.” Please pray for him and other suffering believers in North Korea who endure persecution for the sake of the Cross.