In 1991 the Berlin Wall lay in heaps, new flags were being stitched, and mapmakers scrambled to keep up with the changes as the fissures of freedom cracked the old Iron Curtain. It was more than political freedom at work, however. The Wind of the Spirit stirred across these now unshackled lands, and Christians seized the Gospel opportunities that greater freedom brought. It was during this time that a small mission formed called Eastern European Ministries (EEM), which joined in this Harvest-time by training pastors, equipping church planters, and supplying humanitarian aid and Gospel witness in areas torn by war.

In the early years, our work centered in the former Iron Curtain countries, especially with the partnership and later merger of Russian Gospel Ministries with EEM. However, new walls came down and new Macedonian calls were heard in Siberian Russia, central Asia, India, China, and the Middle East. The mission answered these calls and changed its name in 2002 to Frontline Missions International in order to underscore our wider sphere of ministry.