If you would like to receive specific prayer requests, you may sign up to receive monthly prayer requests through our e-mail prayer group called the Haystack Group.

Why the Haystack Group?

On an August afternoon in 1806, Samuel Mills and four of his college classmates trudged through Sloan's Meadow in western Massachusetts to find a place to pray and discuss Christ's command to go and preach the Gospel to all nations. The five students' intense discussions about the needs of unreached lands - especially China - overshadowed the rolling thunder of an approaching storm. Suddenly the cloud broke over them with a torrent, and all of them raced the lightning, finding shelter at the side of a nearby haystack. There amid a summer storm they prayed, committing themselves to taking the Gospel to the nations. None of those young men were ever the same after that day - and neither was the Church in America! American missions as a movement traces its birth to the Haystack Prayer Meeting.