100% of Goal Reached


The Lord has led me to work in North Africa. While there, I will teach English, work on my Arabic language skills, grow in my ability to adapt to the culture, be mentored by experienced, cross-cultural Gospel workers, and build relationships in order to share the Gospel. I’ll be participating in all of these activities so that I can continue to gain experience in what it means to serve long-term in an environment that may be hostile to the Gospel.

Why North Africa?

In the 1st century, when the whole world was the mission field, North Africa was one of the first beachheads of Gospel advance. Christ was building His church in North Africa, and men and women--by life and sometimes by death--were giving bold witness to the power of their risen King. Now in the 21st century, North Africa is once again a beachhead of Gospel advance. People, who for so long have been held captive by spiritual darkness, are being set free by the power of the Gospel. One-by-one, men, women, and children are turning to Christ, and churches are cropping up across the countries of North Africa. This makes North Africa an ideal location for me to learn from both veteran missionaries and North African believers. I have already spent two months in North Africa with Frontline, and I am so glad to be continuing with the FX program by serving for the next two years in North Africa.

My Goal

Fundraising Goal Reached THROUGH February 2021!

This includes the cost of all domestic and international flights, the CELTA course and associated living expenses, insurance, and all of the costs that come with setting up a home and ministering in North Africa.


Are gifts tax-deductible?
Yes, all gifts given through my page are tax-deductible. You will receive a receipt confirming your donation.

What happens to funds given in excess of your goal?
Any donations given above my goal will be used to help cover some of the FX program costs.

How can you pray?
1. Pray that all funds would be provided.

2. Pray for my language learning and cultural adaptation.

3. Pray for me to be a bold witness for Christ in North Africa.