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I will be spending this summer in East Asia with Frontline Missions’ FX training program. For eight weeks, I will study language, live and minister alongside East Asian believers, be trained and mentored by experienced, cross-cultural Gospel workers, learn to navigate a foreign culture and customs, and build relationships in order to share the Gospel. I’ll be participating in all of these activities so that I can be immersed in practical missionary experience and explore whether God would have me serve long-term in an environment that may be hostile to the Gospel.

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Why East Asia?

From the starting point of the modern missions movement two hundred years ago, Asia’s size (the largest) and distance (the farthest) was magnetic—at least for men and women with a big enough view of the Gospel to go. Asia was to missionaries what Everest was to mountain climbers. Before reaching Guangzhou in 1807, pioneer missionary Robert Morrison struggled between taking the gospel to Asia or Africa and prayed “that God would station him in that part of the missionary field where the difficulties were greatest and to all human appearances, the most insurmountable.” Morrison chose Asia. Around the same time, William Carey wrote, “To know the will of God, we need an open Bible and an open map.”  There was a reckless abandon about Christians who started at the back pages of an atlas to find God’s will—but then, cross-bearing Christ followers are all about reckless abandon.

Our Team

Our team of four is made up of students and young professionals. We are led by Frontline Missions staff members and veteran missionaries.

My Goal

In early June, the team will convene in South Carolina for several days of training and preparation. After completing our training, we will depart for East Asia. By the time of our departure, I need to raise $6,500 to cover the cost of the trip. These funds will cover international airfare, ground transportation, housing, a language tutor, meals, insurance, and other expenses for the 8-week trip. I'm praying that the first $2,000 of the $6,500 total will come in by April 15th in order to cover the purchase of my round-trip airfare.

I know that this is a large amount, and the timeline is not long, but I have seen God provide in the past, and I'm trusting Him to provide again. Would you contribute by giving a gift that will help send me to East Asia?


Are gifts tax-deductible?
Yes, all gifts given through my page are tax-deductible. You will receive a receipt confirming your donation.

What happens to funds given in excess of the goal?
Any donations given above my goal will be used to help other team members and to cover some of the FX program costs.

How can you pray?
1. Pray that all funds would be provided.

2. Pray that God would prepare me for the work ahead of me this summer.

3. Pray that God would use the experiences of this summer to clarify whether He desires for me to serve long-term in a location like East Asia.

4. Pray for me to be a bold witness of Christ's work in my life.

*Fundraising total is updated weekly.