Over 2 billion people have no access to the Gospel, and most of them can’t be reached by those with “missionary” stamped in their visa. Frontline Missions International has developed a training and orientation program that will 1) begin to prepare men and women who are considering serving Christ in restricted-access countries and 2) serve local churches that are serious about addressing the Unfinished Task of taking the Gospel to people who have yet to hear.

The Frontline Experience (FX) conferences help answer some key questions: How will they be reached? Why should I go? How do I get there?

Sessions are taught by experienced pioneer missionaries, authors, educators, and advocates with specialties in areas such as culture, linguistics, and cross-cultural engagement.

Who Can Attend?

  • Those who are 18 years of age or above and have a heart for missions in restricted-access settings
  • Pastors, deacons, missions committee members, and those who are interested in supporting Gospel work in the 10/40 window region
  • Married couples are welcome, but we are unable to accommodate children.

FX: Delaware

Our second 2015 FX Conference was held from November 6-7 at the Ogletown Baptist Church in Newark, Delaware.

FX: Brevard

Our first 2015 FX Conference was held from September 25-27 at the Wilds in Brevard, North Carolina.